About us

The TELETEST company was established in Bydgoszcz in 1987 and is a business entity specializing in services of fire precautions and the technical protection of possessions. The hard core of our technical staff has over 35 years of experience. Our staff is formed by high qualified and experienced engineers-designers of systems with building qualifications and fitters and maintenance technicians. We have all required certificates, concessions, entitlements and authorizations.

We are conducting activity in the entire country and in the area of the European Union. We are employing an Expert of Fire-fighting securities. We are also closely cooperating with the State Fire Service, the Research Centre of Fire Precautions and producers of devices. In the scope of protection of historic buildings we are holding a close contact with the Protection Centre of Public Harvests in Warsaw by the Ministry of Culture and National Legacy and with the State Service of conservation.

We have secret officer, equipped with safes meeting the NATO requirements, certificates of the personal safety and the attorney of protections of classified information. All our employees have the licence of technical securing  II degree. Devices offered by us are meeting the requirements of Polish norms, European standards, are holding CNBOP, TECHOM, ITB and other certificates. On request we are designing and making fire detecting installations and permanent firefighting installations according to American standards - according to NFPA norms and UL/FM requirements, as well as the European Union and VdS. We have the extended technical, storehouse and workshop background.

We have a storehouse of radioactive isotopes. We have the transport and means of communication letting us reach buildings protected by us in the entire country within 4 hours for Customer’s call. As one of few companies in Poland we provide round-the-clock service. We are constantly improving our abilities on skills trainings, we participate in trade conferences, workshops and fair. We are actively joining in the process of standardization and updating Polish norms according to European Union requirements and creating modern domestic fire detecting systems. We are at your disposal in solving all problems connected with the fire-fighting security and the technical protection of possessions within the scope of technical consulting, expert opinions, opinions, design, order picking of supplies of devices, installing and conservation proposed systems. Our undoubted advantage is great experience in the peculiar rubber-chemical industry and acquaintance of markets of Centre and Eastern Europe.

For over 17 years we perform design, installation and service works associated with fire-fighting securities – comprehensively in all objects of former STOMIL OLSZTYN S.A. and at present MICHELIN POLSKA S.A. in Olsztyn. We are cooperating with a French company from Avignon – GSE, for who we made permanent firefighting water sprinkling installations for 2 years in PROLOGIS storage facilities – Nissan–Renault car parts in Györ and home appliances in Budaörs (near Budapesztu) in Hungary. Above installations contained inside sprinkling net, inside hydrants, elements of mains,  delivery and instalment of the pumping station and water fire tanks. As part of contracts connected with the Polish sale to the eastern market of the sulphuric acid (through CHZ POLIMEX – CEKOP) and of petrochemical objects (through CHZ ENERGOPOL) we led comprehensive supplies of fire signalling systems, contacts etc. and we conducted the instalment of devices and the author's supervision in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus etc.
We are a contractor for the fire signalling system in the therapy block of Medical University in Varna in Bulgaria. In Poland we made sprinkling installations in PROLOGIS and HYPERNOWA logistic objects (built by the GOLDBECK company).

The last permanent firefighting water sprinkling installation made by us is protecting production and stock rooms and technical-office factories of multilayered plates of the KINGSPAN company (Great Britain) in Mazovian Rawa, as well as the Philharmonic Orchestra in Olsztyn.

Other foreign companies with which we cooperated: AKZO Nobel, MONDI PACKAGING, KAUFLAND, GSE, LIDL, GOLD BACK, PROLOGIS, AHOLD, ELEKTROLUX etc.